Greetings from President

I, Koichi Ito, took over as President of gthe Asia-Pacific endocrine conference: APECh in 2014 after Dr. Kazuo Shimizu of the Nippon Medical School.

The purpose of APEC is to contribute to the development of clinical endocrine and research activities in Asian area. We have also particularly provided the opportunity for young doctors to present news topic. APEC was founded in 1988. Every year, our Japanese members visit main cities in Asian and Pacific area and make lively academic exchange with the local endocrinologists. In addition, we have always focused on the fellowship and built a deep bond with specialists from other countries.

It is also said that the 21th Century is the era of Asia. Therefore, I sincerely hope that, through the activities of our association, all the specialists in Endocrinology of Asia will unite and will be able to lead more in medical care developments in each otherfs countries.

Best regards.


APEC Society President
Koichi Ito
   Annual Meeting of Asia-Pacific Endocrine Conference